In this galaxy, in its vastness, in all its entirety,
I have found the one who most overwhelmed me.
In a sea of strangers you’re the only one I see,
In a world full of people, I found you who loved me.

To be young, to be loved, to be accepted, to be free,
These things you made me feel, this love you have shown me.
Now all I ever want is to stay in your galaxy,
In your arms, in your heart, in your life for eternity…

But like all galaxies, it came crashing down on me.
All my dreams have crumbled as I face my reality.
The love you gave, the love we shared, were only temporary.
Now I drift into nothingness, my tears flowing endlessly.

Like stars explode and comets fall, the end has come for me.
Like blinding light I have to face this truth’s cruelty.
A lot of things in this universe aren’t really meant to be.
I never did, and never will, belong in your galaxy.


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