Extempore: I Am His



“He kissed you…”


I nodded and bit my lip, forcing myself to look into his eyes.  They were scrutinizing, and I’m scared of what he’d say once I tell him.


“And?” he added.


“And what?”


“What else happened?  I need details,”


I moaned.  “Ano’ng details?  Isn’t that enough?  Hindi ka man lang ba nagagalit?  Aren’t you even mad some other guy kissed me?”


He shrugged.  “Did you like it?”


My jaw dropped.  “What?  No!  God, no!” did I have to like it?


“Then why would I be angry?” he smiled and held my shoulders.  “Shouldn’t I feel proud my woman’s ex is still drooling over her?”


I pinched his side and he made an exaggerated whimper.  He’s making light of this, pero alam kong nagseselos siya.


“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have let it happen.  Sinabi ko sa ‘yo agad kasi ayokong maglihim sa ‘yo.  At ayokong magalit ka sa akin pero—,”


“Mahal,” he held my face with both hands.  “Hindi ako galit.  Jealous, maybe a little but I can’t be angry with you,”




He nodded and gave me his boyish, irresistible smile.  His fingers caressed my cheeks gently, his eyes on my lips.


“But right now, I want you to…” his thumb finger lightly grazed my lower lip.  “…let me disinfect you,”


My brows lifted and I opened my mouth to ask what he meant when he lowered his head and kissed me.  His lips claimed mine in a gentle but possessive way, a bit different from his kisses before.


“Disinfect talaga?” I laughed and wrapped my hands around his neck as I kissed him back.  Both his arms were on my waist, holding me firmly.


Right there and then, he completely erased that blurred image forcing its way in my mind for hours before he came.


For how long our kiss lasted, I didn’t know.  We were both breathless when he let me go.  He embraced me, held me so tight; and I reveled in that moment where I felt safe, loved; cherished in his arms.


I called him when I got home that night, telling him something happened and that he needed to know.  He has an out of town trip in the morning and I told him we could talk once he came back, but my tone must have gutted him he came by after dinner.


“Can you do something for me?” he whispered, his lips on my temple.




His embrace loosened, but his arms still enfolding me.  “Talk to him.  Settle things with him once and for all,”




“Please?” he pleaded.  “Para hindi na maulit ang nangyari,”


I sighed, uncertain if I could do it.  But he’s right.  It’s been long overdue.  Para na rin matahimik kami pare-pareho…


“Gusto mo ba, ako ang kumausap sa kanya?  I can’t promise it would be good, though,”


“Hey,” I patted his shoulder gently.


“Just kidding,” he countered but his face was serious.  “He once had your heart… but I’ll try not to worry,”


I smiled as I put my arms around him.  Ang mahal ko… he really is jealous and angry but not with me but him.


“Siguro nga.  He had.  But you have not just my heart but all of me…”


He smiled and rubbed his nose against mine.  “’That so?”




“Prove it.”


I felt my cheeks heating up as I shyly pulled the collar of his sports shirt and kissed him.  He grunted, embracing me so tight his arms almost lifted me from the floor.


“O—Okay na ba ‘yon?” I asked, releasing short breaths when I pulled away.  The night was so quiet and from the lighted porch of our backyard garden we couldn’t hear anything but both our ragged breathing.


His beautiful eyes bored into mine, dark and filled with desire.  I swallowed.  Though it was there when we kissed earlier, it felt different this time that I initiated the kiss.  If we kissed again I’m not sure how far we could both hold back…


“It will never be enough,” he whispered gruffly.  He pulled down the sleeve of my loose knitted sweater blouse, exposing my shoulder.


“Mahal—!” I gasped when he bowed and pressed his lips near my collarbone, his teeth gently biting my soft flesh.


I trembled.  I knew in the way he holds me especially whenever we’re in public how he is so protective of me, but that’s not half of what he’s like when we’re alone together, like right now.  He’s so… intense; controlling— I never felt anything like this before, from anyone…


“You’re mine,” he said in a low but firm voice as his fingers traced the red mark he left.


“Yes,” I responded as if hypnotized. My heart beat louder against my chest I could hear it more than my own voice.  I fell for all the things he is, for what he made me feel— that I’m the only woman for him, his one and only dream.  But there’s something about what I feel for him right now I can’t control or define.  Perhaps wanting to please him… I want to make him happy the way he makes me happy.


He held me once again in his arms, my head pressed on his broad chest.  I could feel his breath on my hair, his arm wrapped around my shoulders while the other snaked on my waist.


“I love you… I love you so much I am never letting you go,” he whispered as he trailed kisses from where he bit me to my neck, to my chin, my jaw…


I closed my eyes, taking his every word into my heart, feeling his light kisses burning my skin.  It scares me how he makes me melt into his arms.  I fear he’s becoming obsessed with me now that I realized how possessive he is, but I really don’t mind.  I actually… like it…


“I love you, too,” I whispered into his mouth when he finally reached my lips.  “And I’m not going anywhere,”


He cupped my face with both hands as he gave me one final kiss.  The light in the kitchen switched on that he had to let me go.  Someone must have wanted to check on us; must be Mom or Dad.


“I guess you have to go somewhere for now— your room,” he laughed and walked me to the backdoor to the kitchen.  He touched my shoulder one last time.  “And don’t let your mother see that.  She’ll kill me,”


Blushing, I pulled my sweater up to my neck.  Mamaya lang, mamumula na ng husto ‘yon.  Mom wouldn’t buy a mosquito bite for a reason, unless she has eyesight as good as Pocahontas’ Mrs. Jenkins.  “She definitely would,”


He laughed.  “And no halter or off-shoulder or sleeveless for you for now, my dear,”


God, he’s right, I groaned inwardly.  That was his idea in the first place.  “You sure are territorial,”


“I am very protective of what’s mine,” he held my nape and brushed my lower lip with his thumb finger.  “And I’ll claim my territory again once I get back.  Go in before I go Edward Cullen on you again,” 


I smiled.  I wouldn’t complain if he did.


Goodnight, Mahal,”


“Goodnight,” I watched as he headed out to his car before going in through the backdoor.



Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



15 thoughts on “Extempore: I Am His

  1. I am itching to give a comment since you came back and tried to hold it for a while like for 3 days..lol..anyway thank you for updating again and in my opinion you are back with a vengeance😊..I am extremely happy for the updates you provided and I really love the direction your story is heading,I was a fan of their tandem back then more so I became when I came across your story,and just like other fans my heart was broken when they fell apart that for a while I was once a part of those fans who got mad at “him” and the “little pudding”..(affected much😂).But like an old adage says; everything happens for a reason I think the reason is speaking right before my very eyes,why”The Queen”is so happy with her new man that it radiates her too much and I would be guessing too painful for”him” to look at.I do hope that you will continue to write again,(no pressure really,will just check updates from time to time..lol)because you just don’t know how much inspiration you are giving to “her” fans and I am sure I am just one of those thousands that adores “her” and became your fan also. No kidding, I am a fan of yours since you started writing in this blog site,so please please please don’t stop writing and please continue to share your talent and passion cause you are excellent writer,you give vivid details that sometimes I am wondering if you are “her” herself..I have typed so much already for intact I just want to thank you and I hope all is well with you. Until the next!Goodluck!😊

  2. im so pleased that you are once again active in continuing her painful but amazing story. please keep it going, you have an excellent talent. God Bless. We love Sarah G.

  3. awwwwww this is great!!!! thanks for the the continuous update for the past two days i hope you’d still continue to update…. it’s so close to perfect in reality ….. pls pls update more and often but really thanks for still writing this kind of stories. God bless you!

  4. thank u so much ms writer..for continuing this saga…i was soooooooooooooo glad when i learned n my update kn..immediately read all of it..until ur next update..tnxmuch..mabuhay

  5. yey! ung present na to! 🙂 heheheh..

    thank u po sa pagbabalik nyo..

    MAs ok na sa akin c Mahal so ky mahal na story nlng po 🙂

    thank u uli! Good Job

  6. I love it!!!! I didn’t know you are back into writing Ms. Author 🙂 we are happy for the queen nowadays seeing her all blooming and happy. Keep writing Ms. Author…. I’m glad I decided to check your site tonight 🙂

  7. ending na ba to,,, kasi every now and then i still check it out kung may update pa… and i feel sad na almost a year na and still theres no update. Plss miss author.. grant our wish and make our ashmatt hearts happy…

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