Was it all just a bad dream?


I breathed as if it was my first.  In a slow, painstaking move, I raised my head and opened my eyes.  They hurt.  I might have been crying in my sleep but finally, I woke up from what seemed a very long slumber.


Was it all just a bad dream?


It wasn’t.  It wasn’t a dream at all.  My Angel… he left me.  He flew away from me and he’s never coming back…


I got up, blinking a few times.  I can’t see anything.  Why am I still in this darkness?  I know I’ve been here before… or perhaps I’ve always been here and didn’t get out; couldn’t get out; or maybe I chose not to get out.


“I love you so much, My Queen. And I promise you I will love and cherish you forever…”


I held back my tears as memories flashed through my mind.  He left me alone in this darkness crying, lost, heartbroken…


“Goodbye, Baby Girl…”


I shook my head.  Why am I hearing his voice as if it was just yesterday?  I don’t want to dwell on that again.  Not again, ever.  Not anymore…


I looked around and all that has hovered around me is pitch black.  I got up and knelt down.  I closed my eyes again hoping that when I open them I’ll find a path to guide me away from this place.


“Please take me away from here.  I don’t want to cry anymore.  I don’t want to bear this kind of pain anymore…” I prayed, barely hearing my own voice.  I can’t hear anything; no sound at all; there’s just bleak and numbing nothingness.  I couldn’t help it; my tears began falling.  I really want to get out but… how?




I gasped.  Did someone call my name?




Slowly, I opened my eyes.  I saw a flickering light and it was drawing closer and closer to me.


I tried to stand up but I couldn’t.  I heard footstep heading towards me as the light approached me.  My Angel, is it him?  No.  It can’t be… I know he’s not coming back to me.




That gentle voice called my name again.  I lifted my head and there he was standing a few footsteps away from me.  He walked towards me and that flicker of light suddenly exploded, so bright that it’s almost blinding. I tried to cover my face but I want to see him.  I want to know who he is.


“Come,” he said as he offered his hand to me.  I just looked at it dumbfounded.  Who is he?


As if hearing my thoughts, he laughed— the kind of laugh that is almost musical, mild and pleasing to the ears.


He held my shoulders and helped me stand up.  Gently, he placed his hands on my face.  His fingers trailed on my cheeks, wiping away my tears.


“Stop crying, Asher.  I’m here now…”


I gasped.  What does he mean by that?


“Let’s go.  You’ve been here for far too long,”


“Who… who are you?”  I asked looking up at him.   As if in a slow motion, the bright clouds parted and his face became clearer and clearer to me.


I stared at him wide-eyed.  He was looking at me with fondness in his eyes and his hand was gentle and warm when he clasped mine.  He guided me as we tread away from that vast coldness.


“Where are we going?”  I asked again.


“You’ll see,” he answered, his eyes never leaving my face.  I should be worried but it’s strange that when he said that, I never felt a doubt in my chest.


He held my hand tighter and gave me a smile that reached his beautiful eyes.  I held my breath for a while. I realized it was him and his smile that changed this darkness into bright morning.


…will he be able to change the beat of my heart, too?


9 thoughts on “Was it all just a bad dream?

  1. awww ohhh my i miss your stories… thank you for this update…. indeed a nice way to open up the new year! God bless u Ms Writer! looking forward for more updates 🙂

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