I’ve been thinking about you a lot

All this time I have kept you in my heart.

I try to ignore what I feel inside

Because you’re my friend and with that I can’t fight.


I tried to avoid you every time we get close,

Because I’m always hurting and that’s the only cause.

But I kept on loving you and wanting you instead

In spite that I can’t have you and my heart went dead.


You’ve been dear to me ever since you came

Yes, I’ve been fond of you the day I knew your name.

I knew you were someone I can get along with ease,

I thought you have the charm to make everybody pleased.


And now I love you but it’s just too late

I know you don’t want me and you’ve found your fate.

It’s wrong for me to think that one day I’ll hold your hand

Because I know you don’t love me and I know where I stand.


You always ask me favors for you to please your girl

And every time we speak we always talk about her.

I can’t say that I’m jealous but I’m always hurt

But as long as you’re happy, I can bear every ache.


Isn’t it funny that when true love hits you,

It hits you so bad and you’re left with no clue.

How come you have found it but can never have it?

And when you finally get serious you’re bound to lose your wit.


One thing’s clear though, and that’s what I believe

But I don’t know what it can make me, in pain or relieved?

Whatever happens, everything is well planned,

It is all written and in the Master’s hand.


So what I’m ought to do is leave it all behind

To God’s will and plan, my heart and my mind.

All the dreams and love that you finally made me see,

I’ll forget it and the hope that one day you will love me.


(to ‘the one that got away’, 2006)




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