It’s been a while…

i miss you...

Hello, lovely readers, it’s been a looong time!  I miss you all.  🙂  I know, and I apologize for being MIA for quite a while.  Life and its realities, really… work and some countless personal reasons.  Yes I’m still working on the next chapter; honestly I’m really having a hard time writing ‘his’ side of the story.  But hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to post something and be able to finish my last chapters. (and maybe soon work on a second season or another story) 🙂

Thank you so much for bearing with me and for so much love and appreciation for what I’ve written so far.  🙂  Forever’s not enough to thank you so.  😀

Till next!



37 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Yes! hahahahahha saya saya ko po kc ngpost ka ulit kahit hindi pa talaga ito ung next chapter. atleast may iintayin pa rin po talaga ko.. forever mo kong fan 🙂 galing-galing mo kc.. sana in time mabasa to ni S 🙂 may twitter na xa eh.. malaki ang chance.. excited din ako sa second season and another story. sana wag ka pong magsawang mgsulat 🙂 Godbless Ms. writer.

  2. Hello Ms. Writer.. I’ll wait for the next chapter.. how I wish yung mababasa ko eh yung gusto ko talagang mabasa o mangyari.. pero kung hindi naman.. I know I’ll be okay.. thank you so much.. looking forward for the next chapter talaga.. TC!! 🙂

  3. so nice that there is more ms writer …i’ll wait for the next chapter ….good luck and god bless..thanks so much

  4. Counting the days already… Thank you for your beautiful stories. Can’t wait to read “his” side of the story!

  5. tnxmuch ms.writer..atleast we have something to look forward to..tnxagen..u hav no idea how much joy u r giving us everytime u have a new update or a new story..God blesss u more

  6. Dear JK,

    I look forward for the last two chapters and the next season or your next story. I am a big fan of yours. I remember back in July, I guess that’s my first heartache as a follower of your “two” characters. And your story helped ease the pain somehow. Di ko alam kung ilang beses kong inulit ulit yung “Soon…the storm will pass” nung panahon na yun. Hehehe. And the next chapters after.

    God bless JK!

    Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    Love lots! ❤

  7. wwaaaahhhh…. i’ve been checking your blog every now and then… patiently waiting for your next update ms writer. God bless

  8. hi,
    finally heard from you Ms. writer, i am your biggest fan, Still waiting for the
    next chapter. I love Sarah deeply, hope her love story will have a happy ending… m keeping the faith.. thanks heaps Sansu 🙂

  9. plssss?.. update na po kayo?..heheh.. o kaya gawa po kayo another like ashlloyd ff 🙂 really love reading stories 😀

  10. until now wait pa rin kami sa love story of sage ,,,sana meron na..o bawal pa rin
    just like regine and ogie before…

  11. Hello Ms.Writer we miss u too especially yung update nyo po kc adik na adik po kami sa sinulat po ninyo….:))

  12. Dear Ms. Writer kelan ka po ba maguupdate. :(. Hindi ako makakapagmove on sa SAGE hanggat di mo tinapos ang story na to soo please update ka na po. Thank you! GodBless!

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