Carrots, Eggs or Coffee Beans?



“All of us at one time or another have experienced a difficult situation, had setbacks, or dealt with our share of disappointment. Most things that happen to us on a daily basis we can’t control and I can honestly say (with conviction) that it is not what happens to us that matters but rather, how we choose to respond.


That is what this three-minute movie is all about; dealing with the current cards we are dealt.”

>>>>> via Carrots, Eggs or Coffee Beans Movie.

~Living the Law of Attraction/ The Secret Facebook Page




17 thoughts on “Carrots, Eggs or Coffee Beans?

  1. I think that’s the best ending of SaGe love story… Thank you so much ms jynkitty and i wont get tired reading your new stories…. God bless and take care…

  2. I wonder how you’d relate the recent news to your SaGe love story.. I can’t wait.. I’d like to hear Gerald’s side of story.. if the rumors are true, 1.) why isn’t Sarah being asked for a reaction? 2.) why is Gerald keeping mum?.. Sarah and Maja are good friends too.. what if everything’s just staged, to divert everyone’s attention away from Sarah and Gerald’s real relationship and Gerald’s taking the bullet to spare Sarah and her family and Maja is just there to help them? just a thought..

  3. Thanks jk for all the kilig stories .life is all about failing & succeeding,we leave it to them.what makes them happy ,i go for it.

  4. Time does reveal…but I am just thankful that SARAH has chosen to stand her ground and refused to compromise her values and principles for a something ( and SOMEONE) unworthy of her…
    I love reading your stories. I’m sure that we’ll be reading more from you soon. Just like SARAH, you have inspired us to believe in TRUE LOVE. GA may be far from how you depicted him in your stories, but I earnestly hope that this “MAN” that you have created in your every story will be the kind of man that SARAH will meet in her REAL-LIFE quest for true love…of course, this time he goes by a different name. GODBLESS our PRINCESS and all of us who truly love her. KEEP THE FAITH.

  5. is this really the end??i hope not…i’ll just be here waiting for your next story..tnx to all the kilig scenes of the SAGE story…

  6. _im still waiting for your next story ….my heart never stop aching for the beautiful lovestory that start in a fairytales but never know what will be the ending…if theres still tomorrow means there still hope….thank you for sharing your gift for sharing your beautiful story…still waiting patiently …..iloveyou and thank you 🙂

  7. The thing is, I am so smitten by the 2 that I just can’t believe that they are truly over with each other. I refuse to believe that because deep in my heart, I could feel that there is something really special about their relationship. Hence, I will wait until the right time.

  8. I’ve just recently discovered your SaGe series, well yesterday to be exact, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of it. I got so hooked I couldn’t help but get through all of it tonight and its past midnight waaah!! I hope you’ll keep updating the story and won’t discontinue cos of all these baseless ugly being thrown at Gege so far. I for one believe its a management problem (maybe it’ll have some good in it for Gerald’s future in the business) but I’m not here to voice my POV but rather look forward to reading them in this beautiful setting kc there is a lot of truth in this and other ff’s (sadly only those who remain neutral might be able to discern) lol. Good luck to your new chapter and God bless you. #Fan

  9. I always fall in love reading your stories, keep writing whatever happened to them its their choice we dont know what really hqppened.

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