Interlude II: Secret Moonlight Rendezvous

I love this night.  It’s kind of cold but I like the soothing, gentle breeze on my skin.  I breathe in and out, filling my lungs with the chilly air.    The view here from our rooftop seems so new to me as if I’ve never seen it before.  There really is no place like home…


It was cloudy and just a few stars were in sight but it is nonetheless a beautiful night.  The moon, fighting its way through the dark clouds finally shed its light.  Sayang, hindi ko nadala ang sketch pad ko o kahit ang phone ko man lang.  I could have at least taken a picture.


I smiled to myself.  Ang tagal ko nang hindi nagawa ito.  This became my habit when I was younger whenever I feel restless.  Our rooftop has sort of been a refuge for me.  I spend hours here when I want to calm down or take a break from all the pressure.  Tuwing marami akong iniisip tungkol sa trabaho, sa pamilya ko… whenever I feel down or lonely, I climb up here instead of curling up and crying on my bed face down.


“You’ll catch a cold if you stay here long.  Alam mo ba ‘yon?”


I gasped aloud when all of a sudden that familiar voice filled my completely quiet night.  I turned around and found him painstakingly walking towards me.  Ang laki niyang tao pero ni hindi ko siya narinig o naramdamang dumating.  He moved like a cat and I found that fascinating.


On instinct, I offered him my hand.  He suddenly pulled me not so gently that I almost screamed when I tripped.


“Hello, Love,” he whispered, embracing me so tight as if ensuring me safe.  Jetlag aside, just being near him awakens all my senses.  Oh, God, how long has it been?  I feel like something’s been taken away from me and now I have claimed it back…


Still stunned, I looked at him as I try to get away from his embrace.  “Ano’ng ginagawa mo di—,”


Anything I would have said was caught in my throat.  His lips suddenly were on mine.


I closed my eyes.  Shivers run down my spine.  It seemed at that moment the world stopped turning.  His hands were on my back, their warmth I could feel from the thin fabric of my pajama top to my skin.  My knees felt like jelly.  When my hands moved from his arms to his shoulders he let me go.


“Welcome back,” he smiled as he whispered and ran his thumb finger on my lower lip.  I sucked my breath, gawking at him in shock.


Pull yourself together, girl!  I scolded myself silently.  You know what his kiss can do to you!


“Ano sa tingin mo ang ginagawa mo?”  I pretended to be angry instead, an instant defense mechanism.  “Paano ka nakapasok?  And how did you get here?”


“Why, I missed you too, Princess,” he answered, obviously hurt that I snapped at him.  “Your brother saw me outside.  I said I wanted to see you kaya pinapasok niya ako.  Then we saw you up here.” he looked around and then up and down.  “Itinuro niya sa akin kung saan ako dadaan…”


“Kung ganoon, humanda sa akin ang lokong ‘yon!” I marched going back to my room’s window but he stopped me, pulling me to him.  My back was against his chest as his arms snaked around my waist.


“Huwag mo siyang pagalitan…” he whispered, planting a soft kiss on my temple.  “I promised him na sandali lang ako…”


 “Alam mo namang hindi pa tayo pwedeng magkita…” I answered without looking at him, trying my best to ignore the intense voltage running through my body when he started showering me kisses from my temple, down to my cheek, to my jaw, to my neck…


“Hmm… I always loved your scent, Baby Girl,” he murmured, totally ignoring what I said.  His lips finally reached my shoulder, his soft stubbles gently grazing my skin.  I gasped when he gently bit me.


“Please, makinig ka naman muna,” I pleaded weakly.  I turned around, taking a few steps away from him.  I tugged the lacy strap of my pajama top which he must have slid down and brought it back to place.  I didn’t even feel it… or should I say, I loved what he was doing kaya hinayaan ko lang siya.  He caught me off guard.  He could easily bring my defenses down— now more than ever, when I missed him so much…


He just stared at me.  His eyes were begging, asking me to forgive him.  The moment he stroked his hair, I knew it that he’s weary.


I feel like I’m being inconsiderate.  He must have felt I don’t want to see him at all.  Oh, My Angel, if you only knew…


“I’m sorry.  I just… I’m dying to see you…” his voice was just in above whisper.


“Naiintindihan ko.”  I walked back towards him.  “I terribly want to see you, too…” I held his face, looking straight into his eyes.  “You know how much I missed you.  Nag-aalala lang kasi ako… not for me but for you…”


“I know, Love.  But I won’t survive another two weeks without seeing you.  Lalo na ngayon…”


My whole being wanted to scream out and tell him how much I feel the same way.  We weren’t supposed to see each other until the end of the month but here we are, breaking rules.  Hindi kami tumupad sa usapan.  But I have to admit I am enjoying this— this kind of rush, how my heart raced whenever we are together; the thrill moments like these give us.  He’s the only one who made me feel this way.  He introduced me to a different kind of freedom…


He sighed and sat down.  Offering me his hand, he helped me sit beside him.  “I have something to give you… ibibigay ko dapat sa ‘yo bago ka umalis…”


I took my breath sharply when he took a tiny box from his pocket.  He laughed aloud.  “Ano ka ba?  Huwag kang kabahan, hindi pa ito ‘yon.” He ruffled my hair.  “Excited ka masyado, e.”


I pushed him and pinched his side while he continued laughing.  My whole face turned red.


He opened the box and in it a simple but stunning gold band ring.  He took it out and put it on my right ring finger.


“I know you don’t like flashy accessories, so…” he shrugged.  “Like the necklace I gave you, just wear it whenever you feel like it…”


I smiled while staring at my hand.  “Thank you.  It’s pretty…”


He didn’t say anything and smiled.  And I didn’t bother to ask what it’s for.  Ganito naman siya kahit noon pa.  Bigla na lang magbibigay ng regalo kahit walang okasyon.  But I wonder why a ring this time…


Holding my hand, he firmly kissed the part where he put my ring.  For seconds, our gazes locked.  His eyes then tell me enough of what he wanted to say when he put it on me— ‘you are mine as I, yours…’


 “You’re cold.” He said after a while.  “Balik ka na sa room mo… kung di ka pa rin makatulog, just read a book or something…”


I tensed, suddenly feeling a bit empty.  “Aalis ka na…?” I asked in a small voice.  What’s happening to me?  Kanina lang ay halos ipagtabuyan ko siya…


He looked at me, surprised.  Then he spoke tenderly as if I’m a little child. “Gusto mo bang mapagalitan ang brother mo?”  


I shook my head.


“Gusto mo bang magalit sila sa akin?”




He held my face, his eyes bored deep down on mine.  “But you want me to stay?”


“Yes.” I whispered softly.


His eyes brightened as he beamed.  He took off his jacket and made it our makeshift blanket.  We lie down, his arm as my pillow.  We watched the moonlit sky above us, my arms around him while he kissed my hair.


We began talking nonsense, exchanging mostly sweet nothings.  Then he asked how my trip was, the places we’d gone to, my performances.  We talked about his new movie, how the filming was going along and updates about his upcoming teleserye.  Random things, sweet things… even Christmas plans.


“Ang ganda ng clouds, o,” I spoke out of the blueand pointed to the sky when we ran out of things to talk about.  “Heart shaped ‘yung isang ‘yon.  ‘Yun naman parang bunny ears…”


“Oo nga, no?”  He laughed and pulled me closer, keeping me warm.  “But the stars are gone because of them…”


“Nandiyan lang naman sila,” I fondly smiled at him.  “The clouds might have covered and hidden them, but you know they’re still there, shining down on you…”


He smiled and rubbed my nose with his.  “You’re right.  Parang ikaw sa ‘kin.  Kahit ‘di kita makita, I know you’ll always be there for me, loving me…”


I just smiled and embraced him, marveling at the vast skies, the warmth I found in his arms… his gentle heartbeat I hear as I put my head on his chest.  


There was silence between us again.  He was the first to break it.  “Baby Girl…”




“Parang may tao sa posteng ‘yon… I think he’s taking our pictures…”


“What?!” I sprung and looked around.


“I’m kidding,” he laughed heartily.  He’s so cute and irritating at the same time when he’s making fun of me.


I sighed in relief and hit him.  “Puro ka talaga kalokohan!”


“Namutla ka naman bigla.” He kept giggling and pulled me, now I’m on top of him.  “I think no one would go that far… but then again you know what they’re capable of.” He continued with a pained tone.  “Ngayon pa nga lang kung sinu-sino na ang ginagawa nilang girlfriend at nililigawan ko raw…”


There.  He finally let it out.  I could feel something’s bothering him even when I left and while I was in Cali.  I know those bad write-ups affect him so much even if he doesn’t tell me.


“Nahihirapan ka na ba?”


He sighed and put the unruly strands of hair framing my face behind my ear.  “Mahirapan na kung mahirapan.  But I wouldn’t trade moments like these with you with anything else in the world. I won’t give them the pleasure of prying into our private lives once they know the truth at pagpiyestahan ang relasyon natin.  Atin lang ‘to.  ‘Di sila kasali dito…”


My throat tightened.  Saying nothing, I leaned my head on his chest.  He kissed my hair as he stroked it tenderly.


I can’t help but cry.  There will always be difficulties and rough roads ahead but we’ll take one day at a time.  I told him it’s now my turn to fight for him… kaya ko ba talaga?  Would I be able to pay the price?  How far would I go?  How much will I be able to bear?


“Hey,” he must have felt my tears.  I couldn’t control it… I wet his shirt.  He got up and looked at me, worried.  “What’s wrong?”


His fingers wiped away my tears.  “Love, please tell me.  I hate seeing you cry…”


I held his hands on my face.  Smiling thru misty eyes I answered.  “I love you… so much sometimes it scares the hell out of me…”


Raising his eyebrows, he chuckled and pinched my nose.  “Ikaw, ha?  Saglit ka lang sa U.S. pero nagugulat ako sa mga term mo lately…” he shook his head, his eyes still teasing.


I pouted.  “Akala ko pa naman kikiligin ka sa sinabi ko.” I sniffed and lied down on his jacket again.


This time he was the one gazing down on me.  His eyes shone in amusement, in adoration.  “More than that… do you want to know what I really feel?”


He held my hand again and intertwined my fingers with his. “Hindi ‘to puro feelings lang.  We have a bond stronger than that.” he kissed my nose and continued.  “And yes… I love you just the same that the mere thought of losing you again scares the hell out of me too…”


I laughed and closed my eyes, cherishing his words.  He held my hand and looked at my ring again.


“This looks good on you.  And it fits perfectly…” he twirled it but not removing it from my finger.  “I should remember this size para sa susunod na bibilhin ko…”


My eyebrows furrowed.  “Bakit?  Ilang singsing ba ang balak mong ibigay sa akin?”


“Um, maybe two more,” He squinted, giving me that boyish sexy grin at the same time.  “One with a huge rock on it, and the other…” he started kissing my fingers one after the other.  I’ll give you… together with my last name.”


I gasped softly.  My heart just did a triple somersault.  He said it with so much passion in his eyes, giving me hope, assuring me that it will really happen someday…


“You’re blushing again,” he inched his face closer as he whispered.  “You’re so beautiful, Baby Girl,”


Smiling wide, I touched his cheek.  “So are you, Love…”  The moon created halo over his head, making him look like a real angel.  My Angel…


We kissed— forgetting everything.  Ngayong gabi, kami lang ang tao sa mundo… ngayong gabi, all that matters is him and me…


“Too much light in this window, don’t wake me up…

Only coffee no sugar, inside my cup…”


Oh, Chris Brown, baby… I don’t want to wake up either…


“Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up, up…

Don’t wake me up, up, up, up, up, up…”


I purred and reached for my phone beside my pillow.  Not opening my eyes, I turned off the alarm.  Who wants to wake up from that beautiful dream?  Smiling sleepily, I embraced my pillow.  Matutulog ulit ako.   Baka may continuation pa…


Then I remembered we’re leaving for Cebu.  My eyes flew open and I jumped out of bed.  While I was fixing my sheets, my right hand got my attention.


I didn’t bother to take it off.  I’m still wearing the ring he gave me. 


My lips broke into a ludicrous smile.  I wasn’t dreaming.  He was here last night… It was all real!


I went down for breakfast and kissed Mom good morning when I saw her.  She eyed me suspiciously as I was still donning that silly grin.  Dad suddenly showed up from the back door, complaining that the security alarms on the backyard were all turned off.  My brother came out of his room, smiling at me conspiratorially.


When we left the house, Mom asked me about the ring.  Ngayon lang daw niya nakita ‘yon at hindi naman daw ako mahilig magsuot ng singsing.  I told her the truth.  Ayaw din naman naming maglihim pa sa kanila.  He even told me to call him in case Mom gets angry.  She did pero nawala rin naman agad.  She said as long as we know our limitations and responsibilities, she’ll try to be okay with it.


He’ll be in a press conference today for a magazine.  I wonder what happens… it’s the interviews he hates the most.  We talked about it and he told me not to worry.  But I’m still curious what he’ll say…


Oh, well… I closed my eyes and decided to take a nap when the plane took off.  Focus… focus muna sa work.  Busy days are here again…


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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A/N:  Hello, readers!  Please, please don’t forget to give proper credit to the author/writer (me, jynkitty) if you wish to copy/paste, share this to your page/blog.  Thank you!  


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