Conversations: Missing You, Missing Me




“Hey,” I answered him with uncontrolled excitement.  I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing the sound of his voice as if I’ve been away for ages.


It was past eleven in the morning here and the only time I could talk to him.  I’m thinking he’s still at the party and didn’t expect him to call at all but he did.


“Something wrong?”  I asked when I heard him sighing heavily.  “You sound… different.”


“Nothing, Love.  A bit tired, that’s all.  I just got home from the Ball…”


“Oh,” I murmured, trying to push at the back of my head the disappointing thought that I couldn’t be his date.  “How was it?”


“It was fun,” he answered a little livelier.  “I won an award,”


“Talaga?  Congratulations!”


“Thanks.  I’ll send you my pictures tomorrow…”




There was silence between us for a short while.  Why do I have a strong feeling that something’s troubling him?  Ah, could be another interview he had to go through…


“Um, I think you better rest.”  I was the first to break the silence.  “If I could, ako na lang ang tatawag sa ‘yo mamaya—,”


“No, I’m fine, Baby Girl.  Please, I want us to talk longer.  Gusto kong ang  boses mo ang huli kong marinig bago ako matulog…”


I laughed.  “Okay, I think I know what you mean.”




I don’t know if he’s really just sleepy or the way he said it with that sexy drawl was intentional.  Either way, I missed the times when he used to beg me like this…


“Sing for me, Love.  Please?”


My smile broadened.  How can I say no?  He’s using that tone on me again. “Hmm… ano’ng gusto mong kanta?”


“What have you been singing for me lately?”


I didn’t answer and cleared my throat.  Ano nga ba’ng kinakanta ko para sa kanya these days?  Ang dami kasi… it seems every day I have a particular song for him…


I started singing the first song that came into my mind.


“Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel so uninspired

And when I knew I had to face another day, Lord, it made me feel so tired.

Before the day I met you, life was so unkind, but you’re the key to my peace of mind…


‘Cause you make me feel, you make me feel,

You make me feel like a natural woman…”


He released a short but hearty laugh on the other line.   “Oh, wow…”


I ignored him and continued, feeling embarrassed at the same time.  Bakit nga ba ito ang unang pumasok sa isip ko?  Good thing Mom wasn’t around.  Kung narinig niya ako at nalaman pang magkausap kami, kukurutin ako no’n, sigurado…


“When my soul was in the lost and found, you came along to claim it

I didn’t know just what was wrong with me until your kiss helped me name it…”


Oh, yes.  I thought, feeling my cheeks go red.  It was because of his kiss.  I can’t get over that kiss just yet…


“Now I’m no longer doubtful of what I’m living for and if I make you happy I don’t need to do more…


‘Cause you make me feel, you make me feel,

You make me feel like a natural woman…


Oh, baby, what you’ve done to me?  You make me feel so good inside
And I just want to be close to you, ‘cause you make me feel so alive…”


He was giggling in between the lyrics until I finished the song.  I can imagine him blushing and all-smiles speechless just like the time when I got off stage and sang to him during my concert.


“Ayoko na nga…” I tried my hardest to sound hurt when I spoke.  “Pinagtatawanan mo naman ako, eh…”


“No, Love.  I’m just happy… so happy,” he must be grinning from ear to ear.


“That song’s beautiful.  You made it sound as if the lyrics were only meant for me.  That was really…” he paused, as if finding the right words to say.  “…sweet and sexy,” He chuckled again, and his voice got lower and huskier when he continued.  “Kaya lang, sa halip na makatulog ako, parang lalo akong nagising.  Makes me think of countless ways how I’ll keep you feeling that way…”


I gasped softly; blushing at the same time as recollection of our last night together suddenly filled my thoughts again.  I tried to tease him instead, raising my tone a notch higher.  “Are you trying to flirt with me on the phone, Mister?”


“Of course not, Miss.  I’m trying to seduce you.”


I covered my mouth to suppress my giggle.  “I’m on the other side of the world.  How do you think would that work?”


He laughed and after a short pause added in a serious voice. “You know I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth if ever you asked me to…”


 My smile faded and I sighed.  “But you know I won’t…”


“Yeah.  I know.  First things first—,”


“First things first,” we mumbled at the same time.


We were quiet again, waiting for either of us to speak but no one wants to end the call.  I looked at my wristwatch.  It’s time for me to go.  I grabbed my bag and went out of our hotel room.  Though I want to sleep and stay in the hotel, I really have a bad case of jet lag.  Perhaps another mug of coffee will help me get through.


“I have to go.  Lunch muna kami… matulog ka na, ha?  And dream of me…”


“Always…” He answered; his voice wistful.  “I love you, My Princess…”


“And I love you…”


I hesitantly pushed the end call button.


Mother saw me and signaled me to follow her to the car.  After we had our early lunch, we went to places and a few meetings.  Rehearsals started late afternoon.  When we finished, I was dead tired.  I couldn’t even check my phone and send him a message.


I got so busy preparing for our show in Brooks.  During the show I was still lightheaded; nervous that I wouldn’t deliver well.  But I think I did a pretty good job that the audience commended me and the whole team. 


Night came and I finally got time ogling at BlackBerry but I didn’t find a message or missed calls from him.  After the Ball I know it will be a busy week for him, too.  I think it will be asking and expecting too much if I asked him to call me now.  Maybe a message would do.



Time for me to rest…

Are you okay?

I miss you…



After a few minutes I received his reply just before I started drifting to sleep.



Work was hell but I’m getting by.

I terribly miss you, too…

Rest well, Princess.  Wish I was there to hold you while you’re sleeping…

I love you, everyday…♥



I smiled, releasing a sigh of relief.  Finally, I had a decent sleep since we arrived.


The following days dragged exceptionally slowly. Either of us couldn’t find to time to call each other but every day we exchange a message or two.



I had a fan meeting a few hours ago.

They made me sign CD’s of your new album.

You don’t mind, right?  🙂



I replied, honestly touched by what he did.



Of course not, silly.  🙂

Thank you for accommodating

and loving our fans, like always.  ♥




Send me videos of your performances.

If someone asks you out on a date,

Tell him someone back home will get really,


And don’t go out without Tita around.  Okay?

I would know.



As if!  I thought silently, rolling my eyes.



Yes, Sir.

I only go out when it’s time for shopping.

Natural, kasama si Mom.  🙂

And why would I go out on a date

if it isn’t you who’s asking?

Paranoid ka na naman, ‘no?  :p



He replied in a flash.



PROTECTIVE, not paranoid.

At ganon ka rin naman sa ‘kin, ah.

Selosa pa!  😀


I’m insanely missing you…

can’t wait ‘til this month is over… 😦



Ako, selosa?  Oh, well, that’s true.  I scratched my head and smiled.  I think he already knows me so well.  No doubt about that.


Before our concert in Temecula, our fans had set a post-birthday party for me at the same hotel.  I was so grateful and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I’m thankful I got time to bond with them, hoping at the same time we could be together a little longer.


Food was great, our chitchat was great; their gifts were all awesome.  How they appreciate and love me, us, despite all the negative news thrown at us was just overwhelming.  Like our other fans all over the world, I can’t thank them enough for all their support and love.


When we went back to our hotel room, I sent him our pictures at the restaurant.  The one where I was holding our fans’ birthday gift for me I sent with a message.



Hi.  Our fans here are so nice and they gave me this kick-ass gift.  Ganda, ‘di ba? 😀



He answered after a few minutes.




Never heard from you that expression before.  😀


I’m jealous.  😦



I smiled.  While I was typing my reply I received another message.



Teka, dapat hati tayo dyan!  We both have our names on that!  😀



Mother was in the dining room looking at me suspiciously while she was talking to our crew about our show tomorrow.  I covered my mouth to hide my smile, looking all silly while I’m alone in the living room.



NOPE!  AKIN LANG daw ‘to!  :p

They promised to give yours once you’re here.  😀


Ano nga pala’ng gusto mong pasalubong?



In five seconds flat he already had a reply.



Haha!  Yes!!!  \(^__^)/


Pasalubong?  Bakit, uuwi ka na ba?  😉

Um… wala akong gustong pasalubong.

Just you and your gorgeous self… ♥


I miss you, Baby Girl… 😦





I raised my head and found Kuya looking down at me, smiling.  He sat beside me and offered me a glass of soda, which I tactfully turned down.


“Para ka na namang loka-loka d’yan.  Nakangiti ka na namang mag-isa,” he teased.


I didn’t answer and sent him a quick reply:



Echos!  😀

I miss you more…




“Are you ready for tomorrow?”  Kuya asked, staring at me intently.  He wasn’t saying anything else but his eyes were like telling me, “Mag-focus ka muna sa trabaho!” or something like that.


“I’m not pressured at all.  All I want is to enjoy while I’m here.”  I winked and gave him my megawatt smile.  “Don’t worry.  Bukas, I will give our audience the best.”


“Like always,” He shrugged and nodded.  “Inspired ka pa rin nga talaga.” he laughed softly.


Well then, magpahinga ka na.  You need a lot of beauty rest.”  He stood up and kissed my head that I stiffened for a moment.  That was just the normal brotherly gesture but somehow I felt a little… uncomfortable.


“Goodnight, baby…”


My eyebrows rose at the endearment.  Tinatawag naman niya ako ng ganoon dati pero bakit iba ang dating ngayon?  I shook my head inwardly.  Maybe I only want one person calling me that…


I headed back to my room right after they left.  Got to rest early… another big day tomorrow!





I’ve been singing this song for years,

But only now I that I realized

how much every word means to me…

all because you came

and gave meaning to every word.


For you and only you, My Angel… ♥



My eyes roamed from my iPad to my entourage and I noticed everyone was secretly gawking at me.  I know what they’re thinking— “May sarili na namang mundo ang isang ‘to.”


I ignored them and continued watching the video she sent me.  I listened to her song as if it was the first time I’ve heard it.  My heart melted and I feel like crying.  She said it’s only for me… for me!


“Hey— Ate, nanonood pa ako!” my handler out of nowhere stole my iPad from my hand.  She also took my headset.  I’m having my moment and she ruined it.  Haay, Ms. Killjoy!


“Oh, my… goosebumps!” she exclaimed.  “Pahingi ng copy nito, ha?  Grabe… lalo siyang gumagaling… I like her version now more than ever!”


I grinned and said nothing.  Having her praised in front of me I feel like garnering the NBA MVP award each season over and over again…


“Uuwi na siya, ‘di ba?  Ilang araw na lang…” she slightly pushed me.  “Magiging masaya na ulit si Mr. Grumpy,”


 I tactfully took back my iPad from her.  “Hindi ko pa siya pwedeng puntahan.  I’m still forbidden to see her…”


“What?” she snapped and then moved her seat closer to me and whispered.  “Bakit naman?  Anong kalokohan ang ginawa mo, ha?”


I scratched my head guiltily.  I told her what I told my brother days ago.


She gasped but her eyes flashed like neon lights for a moment.  “How dare you!  Bakit ngayon mo lang sinabi sa ‘kin ‘to?!”


We decided to have late lunch before driving off to my house later.  Everyone’s busy eating and I’m glad the curious looks in their faces weren’t there anymore.


“You’ve been busy with your personal life, too.” I shrugged and continued eating.  Suddenly I already feel full.  Mas gusto ko na’ng umuwi and watch the videos she sent me over and over again before our show later this afternoon.


“Go and see her when she gets home,” she prodded.  “‘Di ba sabi mo may ibibigay ka sa kanya?  Hindi na nila ‘yon mamasamain…”


“Of course I want to do that.  But that would be breaking the rules…”


She shook her head rolling her eyes heavenward at the same time.  “Baby, for some people, basta pagdating sa love, there are no rules!”


I laughed.  I’ve heard that before but I can’t remember from which movie.  But somehow, she’s right.  


“You’ll only see her for a few hours; baka nga a few minutes lang.  Tita will surely understand.” she continued.  “Ang sa ‘kin lang, yours isn’t a normal relationship.  Something or someone will always get in your way, sa ayaw at sa gusto niyo.  So see her when you can!  Carpe diem, my boy…”


She got a point there.  I only nodded in agreement.  But then again, I have to keep my word.


Second batch of food arrived that they all got distracted.  I sighed in relief.  The Mother Superior Interrogation is over… for now.  I discreetly took my iPhone off my pocket and sent her a message.



I don’t know what to say…

Your songs to me are one of the many things

that always brings us back together.

It connects us like the Red String of Fate,

no matter how far GenSan is to California…

tying us together, strong enough not to let

either of us break free…


Thank you…

This means the world to me.

Or rather,

You mean the world to me…




I smiled and pressed send.  Minutes after, I joined my crew’s bantering.  Before we left, I was surprised to find her response.  I thought she’d be sleeping.



Akala ko ba you don’t know what to say?

Ang haba kaya no’n.  😀


Now let me sleep.  I had a long day

and it’s almost midnight here…

 Ingat ka dyan.

I love you… and I will dream of you.  ♥

 See you soon… 



Indeed.  But how soon is soon?  I thought, shaking my head inwardly.  Perhaps the following three weeks wouldn’t be that long anymore.  But days from now I’ll start my film shoot and she’ll be in Cebu just right after she arrives.  What if I have a rain check and could squeeze in my schedule going to her house for a while?  I certainly miss surprising her.


Hmm… I’ll be giving this a lot of thought until before the day she gets back.


Breaking the rules, eh?



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


A/N:  Hello, readers!  Please, please don’t forget to give proper credit to the author/writer (me, jynkitty) if you wish to copy/paste, share this to your page/blog.  Thank you!  


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