“We all need a little break from the people we love…”

Sunlight stung my eyes.  Someone entered my room and parted the curtains on my glass window.  I groaned and covered my face with my pillow.  Damn.  I need more sleep.


“Hey, get up already!” my brother stripped off my blanket and frantically shook my shoulder.  I irritatingly pulled my precious covers back to me and hide completely.  It was cold and I only have my boxers on.


“Isn’t your schedule full today?”


I lazily got up and looked at the clock.  I’m dead meat.  I only have half an hour to prepare before my call time.  I spiraled and turned to my feet, grabbing a towel.  My brother followed me in the bathroom.  Oh, here we go.  It’s The Little Brother Grilling Portion again…


“What happened to you last night?”


“Mahabang kwento,” I answered without looking at him and started brushing my teeth.


He sighed and leaned on the door.  “Kung gano’n, simulan mo na ang kwentong ‘yan.  Come on, sabihin mo na sa ‘kin!”


I let him wait until I’m finished brushing.  “We’re grounded.  I’m not allowed to see her or even talk to her…”


“Grounded?” my brother’s eyebrows rose.  “What… are you guys in junior high or something?” he laughed but stopped when he noticed my face was blank.  “Why?  And how long?”


I leaned on the sink, turning my back on the mirror.  “A month.”


“A month?!  Why that long?  Ano ba talaga kasi ang nangyari?”


I didn’t answer for a while and did my morning stretching first.  I let out a deep sigh before turning to him.  “They saw us making out,” I uttered in a low voice.


He frowned.  “M— making what?”


“They caught us kissing.”


“Kissing!”  His eyes were wide as saucers; his jaw on the floor.  His exaggerated gasp makes me want to laugh so hard that I regret my phone’s under my pillow and out of my reach.  I could have taken a video of his reaction.  It was priceless.


He held my shoulder so tight.  “Brother,” whispering breathlessly, he suddenly pulled me for an embrace.  “I’m so proud of you!”


“What the— get off me!” I laughed and pushed him.  Man, I should have not told him.  I never kiss and tell.  But I know he won’t be prying for the details.  He can keep secrets and is secretive as I am.


 “Wow,” he whispered, still bowled over by my news.  “You’re like Daniel in the lions’ den… you really are the man, Kuya!”



I laughed without humor.  It’s more justly to say that she is THE woman, MY woman…


“Pero bakit ka pumayag?”  he asked and followed me to the door of the shower room. “I mean, she’ll already be gone for almost two weeks… does that mean hindi mo pa rin siya pwedeng puntahan kahit pagdating niya?”


“Yeah,” I answered, almost shouting at him.  “And no, hindi kami pumayag.  Of course not.”


“Really?  Meaning…?”


“You know what?” I temporarily turned off the shower and peeked, shooing him for the nth time.  “I have to hurry or else there will be hell to pay if I’m late.  Hayaan mo muna akong maligo, okay?  Mamaya na ‘yang interview mo sa ‘kin.”


He wrinkled his nose.  “Grumpy,” he opened the bathroom’s door and left.  “See you later, then…”


I shook my head and closed my eyes smiling, as I let the soothing and warm water cascade from my head through my body.  Suddenly, I’m filled with thoughts of her again, of last night— her soft sweet lips, the way she embraced me, her body against mine, her scent that fills my senses every time… and how our magical moment was cut short when her parents suddenly showed up, that I don’t know if I should be thankful or not that they did…


Thrown a pail of icy cold water— that’s exactly what I felt at that moment.  I tightly closed my eyes and said a little prayer that they’d take this lightly.  Slowly, I turned around and tried to meet her parents’ eyes.  They were just standing still, just like the calm wind before a typhoon, their faces unreadable.  I cleared my throat.


“Tito, Tita…”


Baby Girl’s hand I felt suddenly was on mine.  She stepped forward and covered me, shielding my body with hers.




“To your room.  Now.” Her mother said but behind the calm voice was controlled anger.


I stroked my hair.  Think, man, think!  I cursed myself silently.  Say something, damn it!


But what am I supposed to say?  This is my fault.  If it weren’t for them, we might have crossed the borderline…


“Kakausapin lang namin ang boyfriend mo,” Tita followed when her daughter didn’t move an inch.  “Bumalik ka na sa kwarto mo…”


Raising her chin slightly, Beautiful shook her head and her hand on mine tightened.  I looked at her, astounded.  She won’t go.  She won’t leave me alone…


“It’s alright, Love,” I whispered on her hair.  “Sige na.  Go to bed,”


She turned and looked at me.  “No,” she answered softly, determination in her eyes.


“I’ll handle this.  I’ll be alright…”


“Hindi,” She pressed my hand firmly; her voice in an above whisper.  “You’ve done enough fighting… hayaan mong ako naman this time.”


My throat constricted.  She really is braver now, even before her parents.  She makes me so proud and I feel like king of the earth.


I nodded and kissed her hair again, careless of her parents’ brooding stare.


“Kung may sasabihin po kayo sa kanya, sabihin niyo po sa harap ko…”


Tita’s eyes widened a fraction, in disbelief or shock, I don’t know.  Her arms wrapping her chest fell to her sides as she watched us went past them to their grand living room.  Tito headed to the kitchen, while she took the seat facing us.


She looked at us alternately, waiting for either of us to speak.  I faked a cough.  I still don’t know what to say.


“We all need a little break from the people we love…”  Tita said in a controlled voice when after a while we stayed quiet.  “Having said that, I think you guys need some time apart; away from each other…”


“Mommy… ”


“I know, I know,” she sighed and shook her head.  “Hindi naman na iba sa amin na makita kayong sweet, intimate.  It’s natural dahil mag-boyfriend kayo… but tonight was…” she shook her head.  “I don’t know what to think.  Kakaisang buwan niyo pa lang na magkarelasyon…”


I bowed my head in embarrassment.  Somehow I felt like I betrayed their trust.


“Mommy,” Tito came back from the kitchen and brought each of us a cup of tea.  “Kaysa naman sa labas natin sila makitang ganyan, tapos sa ibang tao pa natin malalaman.  Buti nga’t narito sila sa loob ng bahay.”


“Daddy!”  Tita exclaimed.  “Kunsintidor ka talaga!”


Tito looked at me as he sat beside his wife, in his eyes a mixture of amusement and warning.  I sighed and finally started to calm down.  King Father somehow is here to back me up when I expect any minute now Queen Mother may turn into a seven-headed fire-breathing dragon.  I glanced at My Princess and saw a slight smile on her lips.  I held her hand on my knee.


“Tita, Tito… sorry po.  We just had a misunderstanding and—,” I swallowed again.  How will I explain this?  ‘I want your daughter so much I want to make her mine’ wouldn’t do, or else I wouldn’t see the light of day again.


“We got a little bit carried away.” I finally found my words.  “I’m sorry if I offended you po… I mean no disrespect…”


Tita nodded while sipping her tea but she didn’t look at me.  My chest tightened as we waited what she’d say next.


“I just want you guys to take things slow.  You still have a long way to go… hinay-hinay lang, mga anak.”


We both nodded and didn’t answer.  She reminded us of our situation and that for the following days, the whole month for that matter; it will be work, work, and work for both of us.  And the ‘break’ she wants us to have, no meeting or talking, even through the phone and messages to each other for a month— for one freaking long month.


“Mom,” Princess finally broke her silence.  “Hindi na nga po kami magkikita… sobra naman na po yata if you won’t even let us keep in touch!”


Tita was about to protest when she continued.  “Tama naman po kayo.  At sorry po kung pakiramdam ninyo inaabuso namin ang pagtitiwala niyo sa amin.  Pero hindi na po kami mga bata.  We know what we’re doing and we’re aware of our limitations…”


“Oo nga naman, Mommy,” Tito seconded.  “Be more lenient.  Para namang hindi natin napagdaanan ‘to…”


After looking at the three of us she massaged her temple and raised her hands in surrender.  “Alright, alright,” She grunted and stood up.  “Ano pa’ng magagawa ko?  It’s three against one.  You win this time…”


Princess went to her and embraced her.  “Thank you po, ‘my!”


She released a short, sleepy laugh.  “O sige na.  I’ll go back to bed bago pa magbago ang isip ko.”


“Ah, Tita,” she was about to stand up when I remembered something I should ask her.  “Kasi po…” I nervously took hold of my tea cup and sipped before continuing.  “The reporters keep asking about you.  Alam niyo na po, kung totoo raw o hindi ‘yung…” my voice trailed off.  I feel my throat getting dry that I drank again.


Tita stood up and sighed, almost rolling her eyes.  “Just tell them I never wanted a guy from showbiz for my daughter ever since.  They’ll get  the message.  Isa pa, totoo naman ‘yan hanggang ngayon.”


I choked when I was trying to empty my tea cup.  I turned red almost coughing my lungs out.


“Mommy naman, dahan-dahan naman po…” Princess refuted gently, handing me the table napkin.


I looked at Tita and found amusement in her eyes, though I know sometimes jokes are half-meant.  It’s enough for me to see that she’s nice to me and we’re okay.  I really don’t need to hear her approval.  Like what I’ve said and told them before, I have the rest of my life to prove that I’m the only man for their daughter…


Before they went back to their room, I thanked them again and bid them goodbye after saying another sorry .  Princess walked me out of their house to my car, her hand still firmly holding mine.


“Well… that wasn’t so bad.”  I bowed and looked at her, the smile on my face not yet fading.  “At least I still can talk to you…”


She smiled back.  “Thank you… thank you for understanding them… and me.”


I sighed and my smile widened.  “Baby girl, I should be the one thanking you.” I murmured gently as I caressed her cheek with my knuckle.  “At tama naman sila, eh.   I think I have to bear not seeing you for a while.  If they weren’t there, baka…” I just laughed and bumped her forehead with mine.  “I’m really sorry.  I just can’t get enough of you…”


She frowned, though the sudden color on her cheeks was visible.  “You’re sorry for kissing me?”


“Nope,” I touched her lower lip.  “I’m sorry we got caught…”


She laughed and pinched my side.  On to the driver’s seat I was and for seconds I just stared at her. This will take a lot of getting used to…


“Tawagan mo ako agad pagdating mo do’n.  And send me a message ‘pag free time mo so I can call you…”


She nodded and would have closed the car door for me but I stopped her.


 “Come here.”


She raised her eyebrows and walked towards me, her eyes asking why.


“Closer,” I pulled her and she stepped in.  She almost screamed when I suddenly grabbed her waist which caused her to sit on my lap.


“W—what are you doing?” she whispered nervously.  “Babalik na ako sa loob… baka makita na naman nila tayo!”


“They won’t,” I murmured as I bury my face on her neck, relishing her sweet scent.  My arms snaked around her, my hands on her hips.  “Just let me hold you… a little bit more.  Kahit sandali lang…”


Putting her arm around my neck, she closed her eyes and held my face.  She rubbed her nose against mine.  I inched my face closer and gave her lips the softest kiss.


“Good girl ka do’n, okay?” I breathed on her lips.  “I’ll miss you… so much,”


“I’ll miss you, too…”


“Can you do me a favor?”


“Hmm?” she mumbled while her head rested on my shoulder.


“If ever you’ll hear something about my interviews, just don’t mind them…”


She closed her eyes and didn’t answer.


“Hey,” I held her hand and let it rest on my chest, making her feel my heartbeat.  “You know what’s in here.  Trust it more than just my words.  You know what I mean, right?”


Finally, she looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled.  “Okay…”


I kissed her forehead and released her.  “Sige na.  Before I change my mind at maiuwi kita…”


She laughed as she gets off my car.  Facing me, she put her hands on her waist.  “Talaga?  Kaya mong gawin ‘yon?”


“Don’t provoke me,” she stared at me, her eyes still teasing as she looked at me from head to foot.  “And stop looking at me like that or you’ll be sorry.”


She rolled her eyes and pouted.  She walked back towards me, tiptoed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.


“Farewell, Beloved Knight…” she whispered.


I blinked a few times, stunned by her kiss.  When I recovered I pressed her lips with my thumb finger.  As if our touch has its magnet, her hand was instinctively on my face again.  Oh, I’ll miss this… every single day that I won’t be seeing her.


“Goodbye for now, My Princess.  Till we meet again…”


“Bro, hindi pa ba tayo aalis?  We’re late!”


I heard my man-Friday’s voice outside my room’s door and that interrupted my thoughts.  Man, I’m spacing out.  I finished bathing and got dressed in a jiffy, wondering about my schedule today.  Where am I going again?


I want to go to her and help pack her things; see her off but I just couldn’t…


Oh, this is bad.  I’m losing focus.  Though I want to be with her every breathing moment I have to admit this break is good…


I stormed outside our house and we finally headed to my car.  I missed breakfast!  We’ll take a quick drive-thru and maybe eat on the way.


Work, parties, press conferences, film shoots; tours abroad are all lined up for me in the coming days.  I’m excited for all of those but worrying at the same time, anticipating about the things to come.  She told me to that we take one day at a time.  But I can’t help thinking about the possibilities, that there are worse things to come…


I shook the thought off.  I shouldn’t be thinking this way.  We promised each other that we will keep in touch, no matter how busy we are.


Among other things, I should look forward to the day when I’ll see her again, the day when she’ll be in my arms again…




This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


(Picture credit: vi.sualize.us)

A/N:  Hello, readers!  Please, please don’t forget to give proper credit to the author/writer (me, jynkitty) if you wish to copy/paste, share this to your page/blog.  Thank you!  


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