So Many Questions (Part 2)

“I’m glad you like it.”


I gasped softly when I heard the voice I wouldn’t mistake with anyone else’s in the world.  I turned around and found him leaning at the bar counter, his arms wrapped in his chest.  There’s the oh-so-gorgeous boyish grin again and by the soft light from the bar counter I could see it in his eyes.  He missed me, too.  The overgrown stubbles on his face just added up to his lethal charms and he’s darker, which made him a lot… sexier.


Sexier?!  I scolded myself.  At may nalalaman ka nang mga ganyang term ngayon? 


This felt like a certain kind of déjà vu of last week, but tonight was totally different.  As if hypnotized, I walked slowly towards him.  I don’t know what force it is— maybe his eyes alone are enough powerful magnets to draw me near, or maybe this is something like the gravitational pull of the moon to the sea… or simply just his own gravity…


I stopped inches away from him.  I looked straight into his eyes and smiled.  “Akala ko hindi mo na ako kakausapin.  Sorry na…”


He smiled back and took one of the dozen of white tulips from the counter.  He’s showering me with flowers again.  Not that I’m complaining.  Truth is I really like it.  “I’m sorry too if I misunderstood you…”


 I took it from his hand.  I looked at him and suddenly his reaction changed, seeing the white rose on my other hand.


“Itapon mo na nga ‘yan.”


It’s still is a wonder to me how he can switch expressions that quick.  I laughed inwardly.  “Bakit?  Sayang naman… maganda naman, ‘di ba?”


“Ah, gano’n?” he took it from my hand and threw it nonchalantly on the floor.


“Tell me, pinopormahan ka ba ng rakistang ‘yon?  Is he making a pass at you?”


I can’t help but smile.  “Hindi, ano ka ba?  Ganoon lang talaga ‘yon, may pagkapresko pero mabait naman.” I touched his cheek.  “Nagseselos ka ba?  Love is not jealous, remember?”


“Hindi ako nagseselos,” he snapped.  “I just don’t like seeing anyone else around you… most of all touching you…”


My smile broadened.  Hindi raw nagseselos!  “Paano mo nalaman?  I thought you were out tonight?”


“May nagsabi sa ‘kin.”


“Oh,” I think I know who told him.


“Hmm… aren’t you being possessive?”


“I am possessive!  Lalo na pagadating sa ‘yo.”


I laughed and put my arms around his waist.   Bakit gano’n?  Feeling ko umabot na sa sahig ang haba ng hair ko!


“Wala ‘yon.  Huwag mo nang isipin ‘yon, okay?”


He clenched his jaw.  “And what’s with your last statement?  Ibig bang sabihin no’n ‘di na ako kasama sa mga inspirasyon mo?”


I pinched his side but he just let me.  Ganito ba talaga siya magtampo?  He’s so cute!  “Binasa ko lang naman kung ano ‘yung nasa teleprompt. Okay na?  May kailangan pa ba akong i-explain?”


He sighed in relief and pulled me closer.  He looked at the candles on the table.  “Do you really like it?  I bought those in Jerusalem when we had our tour in Israel…”


I nodded.  “I love it!  Sobrang ganda.  Thank you…”


Finally he gave me a full smile.   “By the way, nakausap ko na rin sila…”


“Ano’ng… sabi nila sa ‘yo?”


He shrugged.  “Tulad rin daw ng sinabi nila sa ‘yo.  They hope we made the right decision…”


He put the strands of hair framing my face behind my ear.  “I know you don’t like promises so I won’t give you one.  But I want you to know that I have the rest of my life to prove to you, to them that I’m the only man for you… that you can believe.”


I didn’t answer.  I know that and I believe him.  Leaning my head on his chest, I listened to his heartbeat.  How can this be wrong when everything feels right whenever I’m in his arms?  This is where I belong… here I feel safe, I am home; I am strong…


He suddenly released me and walked near the table.  While in the middle of the floor he offered his hand to me.  “Let’s dance.”


My eyes went wide.  “Ha?”


He took my bag from my shoulder and put it down.  “Dance with me.”


“A— anong trip na naman ‘to?”


He laughed aloud as he put my hands on his shoulders.  “I just remembered a song… I think it’s perfect for you…”


His arms went around my waist.  Then he started singing.


Have you seen her?  Did you see her pass this way?  What is it about her?   What makes me feel this way?”


He lifted my chin.  Is it her eyes?  But I’m not so sure… is it her laughter?  Something I’ve never heard before…”


I can’t help but smile from ear to ear.  As he embraced me, I can feel his breath on my hair as he sang the chorus.


“So many questions, but the answers are so few… all I really know is… I love you…” he whispered closer to my ear. 


“So many questions but the answers are so few…” he looked at me again, feel na feel pa rin ang pagkanta.  And who cares if he’s slightly off key? 


“All I really know is, I love you…”


“What is it about her that makes me stare; that makes me wanna run my fingers through her hair?” and he did run his fingers through my hair.


“Why she makes me feel this way?”


I was laughing softly but feel like crying at the same time.  If this is his way of making it up to me for not talking to me for days, bawing-bawi na siya.  May tubo pa…


“Will I find her?  But I’m not so sure,” his eyes bored deeply into mine.  “Will she be mine?  I can’t stand this searching any more…”


On the last part of the chorus I sang with him.  “…so many questions but the answers are so few… all I really know is…”


Holding his face with both hands I meant every word.  “I love you…”


He turned me around and ended the dance with what our fans love seeing us do so much— our trademark epic ‘dip’.


We were both laughing.  I pushed him and after a long time nahampas ko na naman siya.  This is one of the few moments with him I’ll treasure the most.  It’s just him and me.  This moment is ours alone.  No cameras, no one taking pictures and this isn’t a scene from a movie so no one else would think we’re corny.  But so what if we’re corny?  People in love are corny.


“There are two things you must know,” I was still laughing as I put my arms around his neck.  “First… you’re a terrible singer,”


“Hey,” he grunted.  “I’m trying my best here!  Sabi nga nila ang laki na raw  ng in-improve ko—,”


I interrupted him by putting my forefinger on his lips.  “Second… I LOVE YOU just the same.”


He beamed.  For seconds we were just staring at each other, hearing each other’s heartbeat.  His expression changed again as he picked one of the candles from the table.  The flame reflected in his eyes and lit up his face.


For a moment I thought I saw a glimpse of heaven.  Some angel stories say that angels were all men and very beautiful, perfect beings.  Could he really be one of them?  I wonder where he hid his wings.  I like to think he was really sent for me…

Angel of mine…


“My brother and I had a funny story while we were in Jerusalem…” he laughed.  “We got lost and our tour guide left us… while we were waiting for dad to pick us up I took a walk and found these candles.  Then I thought about you…”


He took my hand and placed the candle in my palm.  “I want you to scatter these in your room, or everywhere in your house, at kahit sa dressing room mo.  Kapag nakikita mo ang mga ‘yan, I want you to be reminded that whenever you feel lost or in the dark… His light will always be there to guide you…”


I held onto it tight.  I bowed my head when my tears suddenly started falling.  God, how can he be so wonderful?


He lifted my chin and wiped my tears with his thumb finger.  “It’s okay if you still have doubts about me… alam ko marami pa ring tanong ang gumugulo sa isip mo… about me, about us…”


“But love, magkasama na tayo ngayon.  Whatever those questions are, why not we find the answers together?”  His beautiful dark eyes were begging me to agree.  “Yes?”


I inhaled softly and nodded, smiling.  Once again I found myself imprisoned in his arms.


He angled his head and gave me the gentlest kiss.  “I love you so much…” he murmured on my lips.


I closed my eyes and kept the words in my heart.  Perhaps the answers to my questions lie within me all along, because here with me now is the man who is my answered prayer…




“Kailangan talaga naka-repeat?”


“What the—,” I didn’t know my brother was behind me.  I just finished watching the video of her show’s latest episode; for the third time.


“What are you doing in my room?”


“Mom just wanted to make sure you got home safe.  Hindi na namin namalayan kagabi kung anong oras ka umuwi.”  He shrugged and looked at me intently. 


“Wait, I know that look.  You’re back in cloud nine!”


I threw my pillow at him.  “You know too much.”


He caught it and threw it back.  “Of course.  You don’t even have to say anything.  You were a mess the last few days.”  He smiled knowingly.  “So the news about you two ‘moving on’ isn’t true after all…”


I just laughed at that.  It’s true we’re moving on but not as what they all think.  It’s just funny how those people could create news when they couldn’t even get things directly from us.  I feel like laughing my a— off sometimes.  They have no idea what’s truly going on between us.  NO IDEA AT ALL.


“You can leave now.  Tell mom I’m okay.  Hey,” I called him back when he was at the door.  “We’ll be busy this week.  We can’t just stay here and do nothing while others are suffering from this nonstop rain.  They need more volunteers so come with me.  I’ll be counting on you.”


“Yes, Sir!” he answered with a salute.  “Is that all?” I nodded without looking at him.  Okay!  See you later, baby boy,” he teased, mimicking her tone.


“Get out of here!” I pretended to throw my iPad at him.


“Oh, you wouldn’t dare!” he hid behind the door.  “Bigay niya sa ‘yo yan, ‘di ba ?”


“Leave me in peace, you wimp!”  I was about to hit him with my pillow again but he already closed the door.  I can still hear him laughing outside my room.


I rolled my eyes smiling.  Ang aga-aga pa pero nagbabangayan na kaming magkapatid.  Good thing hindi na kami nagbubugbugan like when we were kids.  Until now he’s a handful but I love him; love him to distraction.


I looked outside my window and watched the rain for a while.  Numerous people and their homes were badly affected.  There were deaths too.  But Filipinos never lose hope.  It’s just so outstanding to see everyone helping each other in trying times like these.


Some of my friends already confirmed that they’ll also help out.  Sayang she couldn’t be with me.  Like me, she’ll be spending time with her family abroad.  I know how worried she was about the people affected by the flood and she promised help when they get home.  That’s My Princess.  She’s Angel personified.  I must have done something really good in my life para ibigay siya ng Diyos sa akin.


Lunch was ready when I left my room and went down.  My mom had this beautiful smile on her face when she saw me.  My wimp of a brother already probably told her things are okay.  She’d been asking me to invite my ‘girlfriend’ over and she’d cook dinner for her.  I really would love that.  But there are days when it’s so difficult for us to even see each other.  Maybe soon… everything will work out in our favor.  One thing I know for certain, my tomorrow IS and will be with her.


I just know.


*Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



A/N:  Hello, readers!  Please, please don’t forget to give proper credit to the author/writer (me, jynkitty) if you wish to copy/paste, share this to your page/blog.  Thank you!  


24 thoughts on “So Many Questions (Part 2)

  1. Hayss this is soooooo SARAH and GERALD… OMG! Please Lord… Pakasal na sila… ang sakit sa puso, while napapangiti ka… Galing mong magsult… Sana mabasa nila to…

  2. “I don’t know what force it is— maybe his eyes alone are enough powerful magnets to draw me near, or maybe this is something like the gravitational pull of the moon to the sea… or simply just his own gravity…”

    so poetic ♥ You have such a way with words and love the songs you posted at the end especially Gravity.

    “something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long…” hayy~

    thank you so much for writing a part 2. Can’t wait for the next one! :]

  3. OMG what a beautiful love story,I’m one of your fan since your first story, you are soo awesome writer 🙂 I’m always waiting for your update 🙂 thank you so much for sharing your talent to us readers,keep it up :)) cheers!!! And God blessed you!!!

  4. Awww… Gravity is my favorite song from Sarah Bareilles – and it’s perfect for the scene in the restaurant 🙂 thanks again! And again – give use MORE!

  5. “my tomorrow IS and will be with her” i soooo love this line!!! waaaahhhh!!! the writer is so freakin’ good!!! keep ’em coming!!!

  6. Actually I am just among the few fans of SASA and GEGE all over the world,
    I tried to search all the possible sites that could feature ASHRALD whether facebook,twitter and all the sites just to be updated about them,
    then finally I found this site SUNSETANDCOFFEETABLE
    thanks for creating this site where we could read a classy fic. about ASHRALD!!!!

  7. NakakaGV talaga mga stories mo…. Kahit na you already told us that you’re not related or close to them but the way you write your stories parang you’re either Sarah or Gerald. Damang dama mo talaga yung love stories nila. The way you plot and write it narerelate mo po talaga sa current situation nila… Iba po talaga kayo ang galin… Hope to read more of your stories… Sarap basahin parang videos lang nila sa YT and parang jollibee lang sarap ulit-ulitin…. :)))

  8. “My Tomorrow IS and will be with her.” – i love this! again, thank you for constantly bringing Good vibes and wide smiles to your readers, especially to your co-AshRalds:-D i really love how you tell your stories, napapaisip talaga ang readers, is this fiction nga ba or its real talaga? for what its worth, you’re secret’s safe with us hahaha pagpasensyahan mo na ang mga addict:-D thank you for sharing your time and talent with us! #teampanatag all the way!

  9. Wow, good thing I tried to check this and read it!I was really looking for a read like this for many days and here early in the morning found this.Thank you so much for the kilig, the joy and inspiration of reading this (obvious ba used Sarah’s words ). Praying that God will give you more inspiration so you could give us more updates of this story! take care and be inspired as you inspire us 🙂

  10. parang totoo….i hope sasa is the one wrote this! hay d ako nawawalan ng pag-asa na maging sila gang sa huli…luv u ashrald!

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