Sweet, Sugar Sentiments— My Thoughts on Sasa ♥ Gege


I love Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson ever since as individual celebrities, but after that magical night of March 4th where Ge surprised Sarah on her show, “Sarah G. Live!” I became an instant fan of them as a couple.  Since then I make sure I am updated about any news about them, secretly and constantly lurking through pages/ forums of their fan group, the nice and classy AshRalds, as they are called, reading posts about them and how these fans exchange their endless ‘kilig’ and insightful POVs on recent issues about the couple.  I may not be an official member, but I know in my heart I have an AshRald blood, and I am one with them in praying for the best and wishing true happiness for Sasa and Gege.

They say love that is tested through time, love that is encountered by challenges left and right is a kind of love that will prevail until the end.  As a fan, I got used to it that if there are good/ positive news about them, they’ll for sure be countered by negative ones.  As it is said in Star Wars, ‘they bring balance to the Force.’  There will be things written/ said about them that will try to ruin the Perfect, and it really depends on how a supporter takes it.  I, for example, whenever am sort of shaken by the negative, I ask myself why I became a fan in the first place and I RESEARCH for consistencies and truths.  Having said that, these are my thoughts about the recent issues about them and what happened at another memorable night last July 22 in Sarah’s show.


“Divine” Intervention?

I have overprotective parents, since I’m the only girl among three siblings and the youngest.  When dad became jobless and my brothers already have their own families, since my mother was the typical housewife, I stood as the breadwinner for my parents and until now I provide for them.  Even so, it was only a few years ago that they finally learned to let me go and accept that I have to make my own decisions.  Though they still disagree sometimes, especially when it comes to matters about me and that special person I am now with, I already have the freedom they couldn’t give me when I was younger.  Like mom will always say to me, “Hinahayaan ka na namin kasi nakikita naman namin na masayang-masaya ka na.”  Because of this, somehow I can see myself in Sarah’s shoes.

I find it unfair that Mommy Divine always looks like the ‘kontrabida’ in her own daughter’s happiness and love story.  Is she really the ‘monster mom’ as people see her to be?  Every parent, one way or another is overprotective of his/her child.  If it was true that Mommy Divine has something to do with the cancellation of Gerald and Sarah’s third movie, or their supposed duet during Sarah’s concert, (which I don’t believe so because she would have also stopped Gerald as a guest last Sunday (July 22) in SGL, and Sarah already clarified the issue about the postponement of their movie and the issue of her mother stopping Gerald on courting her) it’s just so obvious that a lot of people will continue to press on because they couldn’t get anything from her.  She isn’t “showbiz” after all.    Media people exaggerate news most of the time.  Some fabricate stories just so they continue to make a living.  That’s why as much as possible, she doesn’t want people feasting on her daughter’s personal life too much.  Mommy Divine knows her daughter is sensitive, Sarah said so herself, and preventing her from issues whenever she and Gerald are in public eye is her concern as a parent.  She knows very well now that Gerald is already a part of her daughter’s life (professional and personal) and aware that after all these months the ‘gamitan’ issue between them isn’t dying at all.  In my opinion, she is protecting Sarah from blood-thirsty hounds/ people who try to harm her (rubbish journalists and bashers to name a few) and NOT from a person (Gerald) whom she EVIDENTLY sees her daughter is SO HAPPY with.

No, I don’t believe she stopped Gerald in courting Sarah.  She’d known him since their first movie and Sarah, even Gerald  (“Mabait naman po si Tita.”) said that they get along.  Another thing, is it a secret to her that Gerald and Sarah’s ex are buddies?  We know how parents are.  She would have probably told Sarah not to get too close to Gerald because she would have thought that ‘birds of the same feather (play basketball together XD) flock together.’  What I know is that she sees Gerald as a fine young man that’s why she welcomed him into their house.  Since I remember clearly what happened the first time I became a fan, I wouldn’t forget when Sarah gave this punchline:  “Tatakbo ka ba sa eleksyon?  Kasi partying-party (botong-boto) sa ‘yo ang mommy ko eh!” and Pokwang, Pooh and K Brosas were like, “Teka, bakit nagkakatotohanan na dito?!”  That means there’s truth to that since last March, to think that that was the time when Gerald was just starting to pursue Sarah.

“Friends Forever”

When Sarah G. Live!’s episode last Sunday ended, my initial and only reaction was, “BITIIIIN!”  I missed seeing them together and I crave for more of their sweet moments on TV.  No matter how they tried to keep themselves ‘professional’ in front of the camera, what they truly have between them can be felt because what they have is REAL.  I love how they try to contain the LOVE they have for each other when Sarah asked Gerald for his birthday message for her.  It was adorable how she tried to put him at ease by joking, laughing and shrieking to what he’s saying because she is aware that her boy was sooo tensed!  When I heard Gerald said, “Sana mahanap mo na ang mga sagot sa lahat ng tanong mo…”, I remembered when Sarah sang Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know (If He Really Loves Me).  It was obvious that Gerald longs for her questions to be answered too, and for obvious reasons.  😉

Sarah was asked before if she has other suitors other than Gerald.  She answered that there’s none and if other guys would try to court her, she wouldn’t entertain them because “ayaw niya ng nagpapaasa.”  So, where does that leave Gerald?  Wasn’t that enough of a hint that someday or one of these days her heart would only belong to him?  When she thanked him for the joy, ‘kilig’, and inspiration he gave her, and that she wished their friendship lasts forever, I find that there’s nothing wrong if she wants to take her time and cherish moments whenever they are together as friends.  But didn’t see any indication of her finally pushing or limiting him into the ‘friend’s zone’.  You just don’t give the term “forever” with just anyone, especially to a guy unless you see that person having the potential of being a (lifetime) partner.  It was clear that Sarah wants Gerald in her life PERMANENTLY.  That’s something for Gerald to hold onto.  Stronger possibility of them being together in the future (if they’re really not together yet) is there.  Actually, what she said reminded me of the song, My Girl, My Woman, My FRIEND (Jose Mari Chan and Janet Basco) which has these lines:

~“I’m your girl, your woman, your friend

And that’s how it’s gonna be till the END

Loving you is what I live for

And I can’t ask for anything more

Than to be your woman, your girl and your FRIEND



Personally, I see my man as my best friend.  It is proven that a great foundation of a relationship is friendship.  Definitely Gerald and Sarah know that so well.


“Time will decide what’s best for us.”

I love how Gerald gave Sarah that CLOCK before her last song, and I admire him for what he said to her— do what she wants to do, say what she wants to say because time lost maybe will never be found again.”  For me, he was pertaining about life in general, how he wants Sarah to experience life and love as it is; and that every moment, every minute, every second counts.  He wants her to have time for herself, just like his wish for himself when he celebrated his birthday last March.  Ever since the time he admitted that he’s courting her, it is so admirable of him to not rush into things and take it slow.  It was also nice of him to thank Sarah of the things she taught him.  It just got me thinking, why would he give up now more than ever?  As we continue to get to know a person, the more we want to discover things about him/her.  We want to witness how that person grows, have his/her own freedom, and we would want to support and nurture him/her as that person reaches her/his dreams and goals.  For Gerald, giving Sarah a gift that symbolizes time means that and more.

I just don’t get the logic that he’d say goodbye to her that night ON HER OWN SHOW, and DAYS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY.  They make each other happy, they keep each other inspired.  They grow fonder with each other as the courtship progresses.  He added “Time will decide what’s best for us.” not because he stopped courting her. (And I haven’t heard anything that a new synonym for the word ‘time’ is “Mommy Divine” XD) The way I see it, he is still looking forward to that day and that he’ll be there when Sarah is certain she’s ready, that he’ll be waiting for the time she’ll be free and the future when it can finally be THEM— called not as “rumoured lovers” but as “officially together”.  ♥


“Music, Gerald… and Me”

What happened last Sunday revealed a lot.  Hearing Sarah blurting out of the blue that she wants Gerald more than anything, more than the gifts he gave her really blew me away.  It was sooo cute how Gerald swallowed a few times and how Sarah tried to make it appear as ‘fan service’ saying, “O, kinilig kayo, ‘no?”, but really… straight from the mouth of the ‘babe’.  ☺  When Gerald recovered from surprise, he asked her twice, “Ready ka na ba talaga?” and Sarah evaded it answering, “Ready na akong kumanta!”.  I could tell that by the look she gave him she meant, “Mag-uusap tayo mamaya sa backstage!” and  I can only imagine what really happened after they went off cam.  ☺

I almost cried when Sarah started singing, and it’s really incredible how she could instantly put her emotions to what she sings.  Though she wasn’t able to complete the song, she delivered it beautifully because the lyrics of the song Music and Me speaks ABOUT HER.  Music has always been her life.  Now that there’s a man beside her, holding her hand so tight, it became more meaningful for her.  She acknowledged Gerald as part of her life, her world, thus now it’s “music, GERALD and me.”   

Their stares, smiles, the whispers; the way they hold hands… their body language says so much that some fans are speculating they are ALREADY together.  I can’t blame them and honestly, I hope they are right.  J  Both of them said they wouldn’t hide or deny it if ever they enter into new relationships.  Sarah said she wouldn’t keep it a secret especially to her parents.  But if these fans’ speculations are true, I would understand if they couldn’t announce it for now because of a lot of things to consider.  Gerald said so that there are things they’d like to keep to themselves and I am good with that.  They’ve already shared a lot to their fans.  Like all of their true-blooded supporters, I will wait until such time that both of them are ready to admit it to the whole world.  Which reminds me, after their oh-so-breathtaking and super sweet dance (I Just Can’t stop Loving You) last Sunday, Luis Manzano exclaimed, “Tapos na ang laban!”.   Perhaps what we only have to wait for is the ‘announcement’ of the ‘winner’.


Be happy, stay positive.  Keep the Sasa Gege love!  ♥♥♥


34 thoughts on “Sweet, Sugar Sentiments— My Thoughts on Sasa ♥ Gege

  1. Saw your link from pex ashrald thread and couldn’t agree more with your take on them. I’ve been “addicted” to these two since feb but now trying to “detox” myself a little. After last Sunday, I now feel more settled somehow knowing wherever the road takes them, no one can ruin the beautiful thing going on between them. For me, giving Sarah time meant he was willing to wait some more. And I’m loving the fact that gerald is also now becoming a really great man. More power to you!

  2. this is so fitting, every part of it is fitting in our lingo PASOK SA BANGA! SWAK NA SWAK..i definitely agree with your POVs here, this was nicely done, detailed, logical & close to reality..supporters sometimes tends to overanalyzed, overthink and didnt see things as they are or should i say they have their own interpretations that’s captivating their whole being and logical thinking..thus being influenced by BI (which at times we are as well bothered)..NICE ONE. this will be a long journey..as i believe both wanted more than GF/BF relationship–they want forever–then lets just enjoy the ride.. trending topic today– No Turning Back Sasa Gege..–fitting as well. for whatever its worth, i will still be a supporter as well, keeping the faith. thank you for sharing

  3. Reading your THOUGHTS about Sarah & Gerald certainly moved me. Thank you so much for sharing it to us. Like you, i only got interested about these two sometime in February when SGL started. From then on, i spent long hours infront of my pc seaching for any news via fb, twitter, yt about them. I pray that GOD will answer the desires of their hearts at HIS perfect time and will. Again, thank you and warm regards 🙂


  5. very touching & nakakaiyak. habang binabasa ko ito naiiyak ako kc sa lahat ng mga magaganda @ nakakakilig na moments na pinakita nila sa atin sa araw na yon, biglang ulanin ng masasamang balita na give up na si gerald which i didn’t believe cuz for me it has to make sense, pinagisipan ko kung ano logic ng pag give up nya ngayong sinabi ni Sa na sya ang gusto nya. naaawa ako k Sarah kc she finally found the one that makes her happy pero kilangan pang itago. actually naaawa ako sa kanilang 2 dhil ramdam mo ang pagmamahalan nila sa isa’t isa na parang gusto na nilang magsalita pero puro pigil pa rin ng damdamin……sana nga malampasan nila ang lahat pero para sa akin kahit wag na silang umamin basta masaya sila at alam kong ok sila ok na ako don kesa aamin sila tapos sisirain lang nman ng mga mapanirang reporter na yan..i just wish them happiness and a long lasting love.

  6. wow! i can`t say anything anymore bcoz everything that i wanna say is written/shared already….thumps! i`m not a certified Ashrald&popster but in my heart i am…

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this I agree, forever friendship is what they have, it sounded like they already exchanged their vows publicly. I love them, because they are both so natural and true.

  8. We have the same feeling about this person and i am very proud and i ca’nt bealeave that there still a man like gerald he respect too much geronimo family specially mommy divine. I keep it praying for sarah and gege. before i am not interested to the artist but when gerald and sarah become a real loveteam i feel very happy coz of them. No turning back sasa and gege

  9. Wow!very well-said TeresA! I watched the SGL show last Sunday and no doubt about it that Sarah and Gerald love each other and if ever, just for the argument, that Mommy D is not in favor of Gerald, there is also no doubt about it that this time Sarah will fight for Gerald.How can
    Sarah turn down a guy so sweet,so loving,so brave to express his love to her even in front of her parents, so thoughtful and generous 🙂 and the best good-looking guy in his time. Only a stupid girl will ever turn down Geraldand Sarah, though inexperienced and still naive on love, but she is a deep person and by now she knows Gerald is the man for her. A woman like Sarah will never go to a man in her biggest concert and sing to him a very meaningful song.I don’t remember Pops Fernandez ever showed her love with Martin Nievera in her concerts when they were still in a boy/girl relationship.And never we had seen a girl replied to a man in her show when asked “ano ba talaga ang gusto mo?’ and replying right away ‘ikaw’ with her pure heart – Only a woman in love and will definitely fight for her man till the end and that woman is Sarah Geronimo.

    I also think Sara and Gerald are somehow in an ‘MU’ mutual understanding status.They know the real status of their ‘friendship’ – LOVE.
    God bless us all fans of Sarah and Gerald!


  10. Hi ! Truly enjoyed reading your analysis! Good job! God bless Ashralds! Like you I am not an official Ashrald member, but is a true-blue Ashrald fan. I would celebrate the day that they will officially be a couple!

  11. Very well said!… i hope that those people who’s spreading negative vibes about sarah and gege will find/spare time in reading this well-thought comment/opinion. and just maybe they will also be enlighten on what’s the real score between our idols…sarah and gege… i am also a genuine ashrald by heart but whatever happens to them i will surely support them individually coz they really deserve it

  12. Thank you for this inspirational and meaningful explanation of what sasa and gege are going through right now. Same with you,although Im not officially a member of ashrald fan club,Im a solid fan of sasa and gege. Hoping too that they are officially together cause I think maybe they are meant for each other. But ofcourse only God knows what will be their destiny. I dont also believe the negative issues about them. And whatever happens I will support them individually and Im always praying the things that I know is good for sasa and gege.

    Im an ASHRALD fan Forever!!! 😀

    ~All the way here in Nova Scotia Canada! :)))

  13. Super nice! I just can’t get enough of Sasa and Gege. Just hoping everything will be okay and what they felt inside somehow they can share it publicly with proper relationship status and that’s all. As fans, we would be happy for them and support them all the way. Goodluck to them!

  14. Thank you so much, for the last couple of days after the july 29 sgl.di na ako makapag trabahong mabuti galit at panghihinayang ang nararandaman ko para kina sasa and gege, pero ngayon naliwanagan na ako sa mga sinabi mo nakaka inspired para sa mga fans na alam kong down sila ngayon,thaks sa iyong possitive attitude a hindi tayo mawawalan ng hope for sasa and gege na time will come kung talagang para sila sa isat isa no matter what hadlangan man sila ng sibat sila pa rin,thank you again

  15. Thank you for your explanation for every situation between sarah and gerald together with mommy divine. I appreciate your Love for both of them. Basta ang alam ko may agreement ang dalawa di lang cla makagsalita sa public kc dahil sa management. mararamdaman din natin na talagang piniprotektahan nila ang isat isa. pag may interview c ge makikita mo ung mata niya parang naluluha. c sarah kc pag ininterview halata agad na apektado. gaya ng magkasama cla sa show super happy cla together. the eyes is very happy. kaya pray and support lang tayo guys..

  16. I’AM A HUGE FAN OF SASA<3GEGE love story.
    I admit I was not a fan of Sarah and Gerald before,not before I watched 24/SG concert..( I almost back-out watching the concert for some family dinner date, MAS PINILI KONG MANOOD NG CONCERT KASI SAYANG YUNG BINAYAD KO, and somehow may TAMPO AKO SA other family members) BUTI NALANG!! ahaha
    After that concert, I was an INSTANT fan! I found out at the concert that Sarah is awesome and charming and a great singer(iba talaga pag LIVE siya pinapanood), I WAS REALLY HOOKED BY HER TALENT! then I was intrigued by how the fans shouted and cheered when Gege appeared from the audience, I felt the support of the crowd. I enjoyed the concert so much that I went home with sore throat bec. i shouted in every moment of the concert.
    As soon as I arrived home, I researched about SASAGEGE love story and I'am hooked with what i discovered through youtube and facebook. I even started to use twitter bec of SASA GEGE.. From then on, I continue to wait and long for updates about them. This is over acting but, SASAGEGE are the reason why I'am awake till 1am to 2am even weekdays just to watch videos and read updates in FB/twitter. SASA GEGE is also our icebreaker at work (neurophysiolab,St.lukesQC) every time we do not have patients. :)) "talk of the town-sasagege" we even call ourselves POPSTERst.lukes chapter. hehe. I think i fall inlove with sarah because of her being so bubbly, and I like her style, simple yet elegant. I could relate myself to sasagege bec. I also came from a bad and broken relationship like sarah, gerald came to sarah's life and so he gave me hope that one day, GERALD NG BUHAY KO will also come along. :))
    #nobela ??
    who ever the author of this blog: pls continue writing!! I'am also your fan!

  17. we really share the same thoughts and for the blogger, thank you talaga. I am even wondering where all the “chismis”are coming from where in fact, since the july 22 SGL episode wala sa dalawa ang nagsalita or anything. In a way it’s better that way. They gave too much na for the the fans/public already, it’s not bad na ibalato na lang natin sa kanila kung ano o ano mang meron sila ngayon. Plus either aminin nila o hindi in public, chismis will always be there, pressure from fans will always be there. I find their situation very heartbreaking and inspiring. Yung tipong you wanna tell the world about this and that but you just can’t. Haai. For these two, kung friends, lovers, or lovers and friends kung ano man meron kayo, be happy lang. Haii.
    I was never a fan sa mga loveteam loveteam na yan because most of it kasi promo promo lang. But I just find these 2 very kilig,refreshing plus they are so transparent, so true. Since nung March guesting ni Gerald sa SGL, I can’t help but search for videos nilang dalawa everytime I get a chance to use my laptop. I had a twitter account matagal na but i RARELY check it, like super once in a blue moon ko lang chinicheck pero since nung July 22 I check it everyday na for updates about these 2(adik mode haha), I know na the pinoyexhange site where fans share thoughts and everything. It’s just funny, i was never like this. EVER. So Gerald and Sarah go go lang. I pray the best for both of you.

    • Pareho po tayo. Nagsimula po fascination ko sa kanila since last March. 🙂 I’ve supported a Korean on-screen couple before pero ‘di katulad ng pag-support ko ngayon kay Sars & Ge. Tama po kayo, sobrang transparent nila, ramdam ng mga nakakakita sa kanila yung pagiging PURE ba; kita kasi sa mga mata nila ‘yung pagiging totoo and the love/fondness they have for each other. Kaya ‘di po talaga ako naniniwala na tapos na ang love story nila, panibagong chapter siguro, ‘yun pa. 🙂 Marami po tayo na nagpe-pray for them kaya support lang po tayo all the way… ♥

      Thank you po for reading! 🙂

      • Tama nga.. The pureness and happiness when they are together on cam kasi kitang kita, mahirap din naman kasi i fake yun lalo na sa side ni sarah na d sanay sa promo promo tapos wala rin naman silang dapat i promote which makes things MORE REAL. Tapos ang saya sayang nilang tingnan, totally not sripted. yung tipong ikaw mismo watching them is smiling and happy. Lots of times when I’m watching videos or reading the stories written by Ms.blogger, i keep on smiling that sometimes sina mama or whoever sees me will ask what i’m watching or reading dahil mismo ako d ko napapansin na i’m smiling pala while reading or watching stuffs about them. Hai. because of these 2 my body clock changed, i sleep madaling araw na just watching videos and checking updates. haiiiii. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. Neither I… was not an ashrald member but count me in as a silent fan for sage not just bec they looked good as pair but I believe they’re really beautiful person inside and out! It all started out as curiousity..and just surprised to realized one day that I’m already a fan.I roamed from fp..to you tube.to twitter..to be always updated and kept myself awake till 5 am jst watching their videos..! Its really funny how people shared their thoughts..reacted and speculated when infact the two neither say anything but a wishful thinking of forever friendship on sarah’s side and must say that gerald words of time will decides whats bests for them..in my own point of view ” maybe true that they really still friends but I believe that both of them compromises for something it can’t be possible for now but “in time”!!

  19. I love how you express your thoughts about those two, thank you for this wonderful stories that you shared to us. after all, the things that had happened to them, i genuinely wish them happiness together. i love them both, and hopefully they will be together in time.

  20. Everything that you said is, I think, right on the money. After watching that July 22 episode, it never occurred (not even a slight feeling) to me that it was them saying goodbye to each other as other people put it. For me, it was basically about Gerald giving time for Sarah… to do everything that she wants to do. And he’s like telling her that if she’s ready, he will just be there… still waiting for her. It’s also so sad that they have to drag Mommy Divine in all of these. I am very much a fan and have been praying for them everyday ever since Gerald surprised Sarah last March.

    Thank you for this very beautifully written POV. More power to you.

  21. Hello to my fellow Ashralds,

    It’s been a while since we were rudely plummeted to the ground after a heart-stopping kilig moments when Sarah sang “It might be you” to Ge during her concert and subtly declared her yearning and love for him through the song.

    Last SGL, Sarah was almost teary-eyed when Toni Gonzaga reminded her about her words to Sarah when she guested in The Buzz last year, Toni said to her sagely that, ” One day, someone will come into your life and will make you forget that your heart was ever broken. ” Sarah also quipped ” Hindi napagod suyuin ang parents mo…” she interjected this when Toni was sharing how Paul Soriano ( Toni’s beau/significant other for 5 years now) won the hearts of Toni’s family/parents by not giving up. Of course Sarah was referring to Ge. After the July 22, sad episode of SGL, Ge also mentioned in his past interviews, clear as a bell, that he and Sarah decided just to be friends for now and it’s time to move on. For me, I rely on what I hear from Sarah and Gerald and not from the tabloids and speculations, assumptions of their loyal fans. Don’t get me wrong, I am ONE of the loyal and die-hard Ashralds, BUT I don’t want to be in denial, I don’t want false hopes, false reports, assumptions, speculations. In short, I want the TRUTH, pure unadulterated truth because the truth will set us free. Having said this, I feel and I believe and I see that Sa and Ge are kind of in a cool-off period and that the courtship has ceased FOR NOW. When the right and ripe time comes, maybe, hopefully and with all of our combined prayers, their paths will cross again and their eyes will gaze at each other again and their hearts will continue to beat for each other. Yes, I am HOPING and PRAYING na sana in the end sila pa rin. I will throw a party pag naging sila na hanggang sa makita natin silang magpakasal and I swear it will be an epic wedding and an epic love story. It will surpass the Sharon-Gabby saga, the Juday-Ryan wedding and the Regine-Ogie melodrama love story. Sarah and Gerald are meant for each other. They have crossed paths at a time when they were both healing in past, sad relationships. When they found each other, they made each other smile again and life is beautiful and love is lovelier the 2nd time around. I will continue to pray for Sa and Ge to hold on to the love that they have for each other, but I will never be in denial and believe that they are in a secret relationship. If they are, well and good and if it’s secret then they should really enjoy the privacy of that secret love affair, but there is so much pain in their words, songs and countenance lately to assume na “sila na, tinatago lang nila” I don’t buy that crap. Hindi magsisinungaling si Sarah at Gerald. Kung sila na nga , they said in the past that they will not hide it. For now they are not, but maybe someday, later, when the right time comes, no one can stop them from telling the whole world of their love for each other.

    Mabuhay ang Ashralds! Let’s keep praying for a happy ever after for Sarah and Gerald. May they surpass all these trials triumphantly and may they truly know that they are meant for each other, till the end of time.

    • Hi, Ms. Chelsea! Thank you po for your comment, I agree with you po. I can only pray for their happiness in the end and that the TIME they’re waiting for will come soon. I think we, AshRald fans have moved on, and most of us chose to still be hopeful and positive that the two will end up together as our way of moving on. Tama po kayo, napaka-unlikely po sa mga bata na magsinungaling and we can only speculate on what they’re thinking, what they’re not saying and what they’re real status are.

      Like you po, I always believed they are meant for each other. Perhaps marami lang pong factors (whatever that is) ngayon that they have to consider… I am one of you po and all the AshRalds all over the world in praying that they’ll be given the chance again and that they’ll never let go of that chance anymore. 🙂

      Thank you po and God bless! 😀


      • awww…I’m so touched that you replied to my long post, sorry napahaba. are you based in the US? anyway just to let you know that I saw Ge in person last April here in the US and he is a really, really nice guy- mabait at hindi suplado! as for Sarah, I would love to see her in person, too. I am really, really praying na sila pa rin in the end:)) Pray lang tayo lagi for them. Ingat and keep writing :))

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